Modular Homes Are They Really Cheaper?

Modular Homes Are They Really Cheaper?

Many people erroneously think that modular houses are expensive, cost a lot to insure, are inferior to on-site houses, take longer to build, are lower quality, quickly harmed, and that modular homes can not be customized. Fortunately, modular homes do not display any of these mistaken beliefs. While it holds true that these designs were relatively basic during the start of the industry, today’s innovation and customer need for this product has made these houses practically identical from standard website developed houses. Today, modular houses are constructed in sections or modules in a regulated factory environment.  The homes are 80% to 95% integrated in factories then carried to a foundation where it is then assembled.To eliminate a few of the common misunderstandings about modular real estate take a little standard common sense research.


Initially,  they are less costly typically than site constructed houses. A modular home costs per square foot to construct is typically 15% – 25% cheaper than a comparable quality site-built home. Secondly, modular houses insurance expenses are the exact same as that of on site homes. In addition, on-site homes are not superior for  basic fact that modular houses are more carefully supervised and integrated in a factory-controlled environment which improves the structural quality, On-site built houses are subject to weather direct exposure which can cause future water damage issues and mold issues. Pre fab homes are typically structurally stronger than traditional website constructed houses due to the truth extra framing and structural assistance is developed into the module designs so they can endure transportation load aspects. On basic wear and tear matters, similar to other home,  houses go through weather damage, damaged windows, and anything else a normal home would encounter. On-site homes can take up to 4 to 6 months to complete, depending on season, and how long it requires to break ground and lay a structure. Modular houses take 1 to 2 months from initial customer style to shipment of the home from the factory to the structure. Finally, modular houses can be tailored to the owners’ choice, or can be tailored exactly like the homes in the surrounding area.

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How about getting your locks changed?

So, the big move day has finally come. You have everything packed safely and marked, the removal van has arrived, loaded up and you are now on your way to your new home. You arrive at your new home, unload the removal van and then get busy unpacking and thinking that you didn’t realize that you had so much stuff. But what is one thing that will have forgotten to arrange to get done?

How about getting your locks changed?

Who Has A Key To Your House?

security of home

The majority of people when they move into a new home will either simply forget to arrange to get the locks changed or they will put it off until later either because of the expense of getting it done or because at the time they are too busy.

Not changing the locks on your new home is not really something that you should overlook. Just think about your old home, How many people had a key to get into your home?

  • Your Family?
  • Your Neighbours?
  • Your Friends?
  • Tradespeople?
  • Possibly the owners before you if you didn’t change the locks on that house either

So how many keys to your new home have you been given? 2, 4 possibly.

So thinking of that when you move into your new home you have no way of knowing who might have a key and be able to gain entry to your property. If you are renting the property then it is possible that the previous tenant may have been evicted. Because it’s not compulsory that the landlord has to change the locks if the previous tenant is holding a grudge then they could easily use the key to gain access and then ransack the place, destroying or stealing all of your belongings. If a spare set of keys was used by a previous owner or tradesman to commit burglary or trash your place then your home insurance claim could be turned down!

Are The Locks Faulty Or Ineffective?

In addition to that, another consideration is that the existing locks could be faulty or ineffective. It might also be a requirement of your insurance that the doors and windows to your property have certain types of locks fitted. Certain home insurance policies require that all of the downstairs windows are fitted with locks and all of the doors, where possible, are fitted with high security, 5-lever mortice locks. Some insurance companies could refuse to pay a claim if there is no sign of forced entry after a burglary.

So on the top of your to-do list, you need “Find A Locksmith Near Me” A professional local locksmith will review the current security situation of your home and advise you on what will be best for you and your budget. You will then be able to sleep better at night knowing your Kelowna home is safe and secure. It’s also a good idea to keep his number in your phone just in case you get locked out or lose a key and need a 24 hour locksmith.